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Things journaling can help you with

Why Journaling?

I will take you into the world of Journaling. Why would you want to keep a Journal?

Are you able to remember everything you experience throughout the day? Can you easily remember those smart tips or names of websites that people recommend to you? Do you have little post-it notes, papers or different places to keep important things everywhere? Do you want to live your life more consciously and more easily? Do you want to have time to enjoy what you have done and look back at it with a good feeling? Then Journaling is also for you.

Richard Branson writes in his book “The Virgin Way; Listening, learning, laughing and leading ”how he uses Journaling. I learned it from Tony Robbins. I see executives at the European Leadership Platform listening to engaging speakers while making notes in their Journal.

There have been studies

that suggest that depressed people who keep a Journal get faster

out of their depression than those who don't.

1: A journal helps you live more consciously.

You write in your Journal what is going on in your life, how your day has been, what you have learned, what you are grateful for, what you are upset about, how you believe things work, how you feel and what your goals are or will be. This allows you to better understand your own contribution to a more beautiful life. That's because you are forced to organize your thoughts. You actually live your life twice. Journaling is a lot of reflection.

2: A journal is something you can say anything against

If you can't or won't express your disappointment, your grumpiness, or your anger, you bottle it up. If you bottle things up, it will come out at some point. Usually this just happens to a loved one, who cannot do anything about it. If you write it off in your journal, it has a placebeen given. The chance that you will explode at the wrong time or with the wrong person has become a lot smaller. It helps clear your emotions.

3: A journal helps you think clear, solve problems and improve your focus

What a Journal really helps you with is the clearing up chaos in your head. How does that work? Very simple, when you write in your Journal, you transfer the chaos from your head to your Journal. That way you clear your head. You move problems from your head to paper and that creates brain capacity. Capacity to troubleshoot, rather than store. You have a place to physically sort things out. A place to doodle, add numbers and set priorities. You have a place to draw out processes of cause and effect. Wonderful, because we all know that a picture says more than a thousand words.

De lessen die ik kado krijg vastleggen in mijn Journal.

4: A journal improves your insight and understanding

Writing, drawing, doodling (if you can't draw very well you can make scribbles or figures) or numbers in your Journal is a form of dialogue with yourself. You can compare it to working with someone else. You try to understand each other. You do that with a Journal too. This already happens while writing, but also by reading back regularly.

5: A journal registers your personal development

Life sometimes moves very quickly. Those are the times when you need to make time to work with your Journal. At those moments we do not see our development, because it is so slow. At some point you have ended up somewhere, you have a great success or a promotion. How did you do that? How did you get there? You then need moments of reflection. In your Journal you can scroll back and see your own development with a helicopter view. You can read your life like a book or play it like a movie.

6: A journal facilitates your personal growth.

Studies have shown that Journaling plays a role in getting out of depression. I call that an extreme form of personal growth. If so, a Journal will certainly help you in your personal growth.

When you write down that you did something stupid and you read it back, you think: I will never do that again. You probably already write down: "what I'm not going to do anymore is what I did today". With this you condition yourself. You learn from your own mistakes. So it is with the positive things, like daring things, overcoming fears and making a success of it. You read it back and see the film: your doubts, your insecurity, the first step, the feeling when it worked. You dare it a second time before. Your life is getting easier.

What would you like to learn in terms of Journaling? Share that with us at the bottom of this page. You always get a response or tips. Journaling can really help you with Making Dreams Work.

Make dreams work.

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