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My book is about Personal Leadership. I believe Leadership can only be personal if you use more than just your brain. Follow your heart. Listen to your gut feeling. You have probably realized for a long time that you too receive inspiration and become enthusiastic once you do realise that working is more than just using your brain. You will judge those hunches with your head in order to reach a wise decision. But where does that inspiration come from? Have you ever thought about that?

The subtitle of my book is "18 Conversations About Life and Leading, by George Begemann".

They have become special and beautiful conversations. More than 18 people were interviewed. There was one interview that touched me enormously. It got too close. In consultation we have decided not to post this interview. It was certainly a nice conversation. A conversation that taught me a lot. I learned about perseverance, being tough and yet staying in touch with your feelings, daring to pursue and realize your passion; make time for a sick friend; give your children and your sponsors attention and work on your vitality with a personal trainer whilst keeping the business on track. And you can learn more, much more, by reading my book and gaining these insights from the 18 interviews. I shall share summarize the interviews in blogs to come.

What others say about the book?

'It sounds strange, but I read this book with emotion, George. How beautifully written.' Henk Breukink, supervisory board member, chairman of the board and coach.

Twan van de Kerkhof, Chairman of the European Leadership Foundation, writes in the introduction:
'In my view, George has given the world a present with this book. Thank you!'

If you have any questions, ask them in the field at the bottom of the blog. You always get a response. If it isn't mine, it is one of the other readers. This way we can continue to learn together and inspire each other. PS: my book is still in translation. Original title: “Leiderschap vanuit ‘t hart”

Make dreams work.

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George Begemann

Executive Sparring Partner