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How do you solve your dilemmas?

Find time for reflection!

“Sparringpartner” program

What is your greatest challenge? Where do you find the core of your worries? Is it at work, is it something in you, or your work-life balance? Your goals: are they optimistic, realistic, or nonexistent? How did you design them?

Come work with me and develop your personal leadership. Grow to your full potential and make dreams work. 

Personal Leadership is a mix of managing your vitality, private life and your work. In short, I call this: I, We, Them. Why are they important to you?

Get in touch. Let's meet and talk to discover how I can help you grow to your full potential.

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It requires a click, to work.

As a Sparringpartner, I help you with the running of your business and your life. If you are seriously interested and want to know more, come for a walk, talk and get to know each other. As it is an intensive and personal process, a mutual commitment is essential. 

To discover if we have a click, I invite you for an intake session. 

Click on the action button below, and I shall get in touch with you as soon as I can.

"Let's start with an intake, George"


If you want to know more:

Intake session

Let’s get acquainted and discover if we have a match and if I can add value to your life.

Take action and plan a meeting.

Annual subscription

Do you currently have challenges? How important is this coming year for you? You can choose from several Annual Subscriptions. One-on-one sessions consist of walks in nature. Alternatively, they can be held online. The objective of these sessions is to challenge you and coach you towards achieving your goals.

  1. 6 sessions in 12 months  € 7.000
  2. 9 sessions in 12 months  € 10.000 
  3. 12 sessions in 12 months € 12.500

Alternative 1 - Design Your Future

You have challenges and are in doubt about your next step. Time is valuable, and your sorrows have been lingering too long. In this case, you need more time and intensity for clarification. You need to clarify your objectives and invest more time and effort to discover your ambition. We recommend you participate in the program Design Your Future”.

Alternative 2 - Mastermind

Sharing your thoughts with peers in a moderated dialogue clarifies a lot. A Mastermind Group meets four or six times a year for moderated dialogues. The objective is reflection. Learn from each other’s challenges by listening and questioning. The sessions are organized over dinner on weekdays from 17:00 – 21:00 hrs. 

The Mastermind Group participants are selected with care. Participants are in a safe and confidential environment where they can share their deepest thoughts. The existing participants have a say in the selection of new members.

There are two types of masterminds: face-to-face and online.

  1. 4 face-2-face Masterminds, price excluding dinner (max. 6 participants): €2.500 p.p.
    1. 6 face-2-face Masterminds, price excluding dinner (max. 6 participants): €3.750 p.p.
  2. 4 online Masterminds (6 - 16 participants): €1.350 p.p.
  3. 6 online Masterminds (6 - 16 participants): €2.000 p.p.

"I want to go for a walk with you, George"

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