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How do you keep up with all the things happening around you?

Starting a new job, or going through hectic times at year-end, so many things have to be done at the same time. I had days, arriving home late, that I did not know what had happened during the day. I had to sit down and reflect. I really had to, because a lot of that information is also important for later meetings. It is also important for my personal growth. Not so much the content, but more the atmosphere, my attitude, the reactions from others. I started to keep a journal.

Personal growth? I have to get involved in Journaling in a Journal. What kind of thing is a Journal?

A Journal is a solid book, written by and for yourself. Realize that your Journal is just for you. You can drill a hole in it and put a lock on it. Journaling is a means to stimulate your Personal Growth.

Yes.. how do you create a journal?

Just start, make mistakes, learn and start again next year and take all the lessons from this year with you. Everything is good. You are the only one to whom this book is important. In the beginning it was a mix of doodling and keeping a diary. Slowly but surely, awareness of the value of my Journal as a tool for reflection grew. That is really a basis for Personal Growth.

Gewoon beginnen.

How do you do this, journaling?

What are the things you can pay attention to?


If you want to turn your Journal into an inspiration book, by thinking in advance what your goal will be. If you want to use it to think about what you want to get out of life. If you want to use it to reflect on what your personal growth benefits the most, then I recommend that you work with it every day.

To find things easily, you buy a new notebook every year. Start in the Christmas period. Reflect and dare to dream again. Translate those dreams into your goals for the next year. Translate your dreams into resolutions. Put your resolutions in a fixed, easy to find place in your Journal. Look at it every now and then. In this way, intentions become something real. Resolutions then live longer than at the end of January or February.

Successful people who use Journaling, like Richard Branson, have their Journal (almost) always with them. Everything of value that happened in one day is in it. A top consultant I've worked with even has a bookcase for his journals.

So how often? Just continuous. Have it with you and if you don't want to forget something, write it down immediately.

Mijn eerste Journal

My first Journal, I still have it.

Do you Journal? How do you do that? What tips do you have? Or do you just have questions? Please leave your questions or tips at the bottom of this page.

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Make dreams work.

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George Begemann

Executive Sparring Partner