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About George Begemann

My name is George Begemann, I’m an executive coach, 

but I call myself a Sparring Partner. 

Once I had a dream: I wanted to become a doctor. I went through a lottery system three times. A dean I consulted recommended me to change my focus and go for Industrial Engineering & Management Sciences: “than you shall be working with people as well”. I followed that advice. I completed my Masters of Industrial Engineering & Management Sciences Cum Laude. Ever since my life has been a sequence of exiting challenges, about which later more. Married twice, and three children. Up to the present day I still make dreams work

One day Off-Site with the SThree Management Group

Working with a newly appointed Executive and his Management Group. Their Challenge is to make the most of the synergies the company has over their divisions and over the total region of Europe and North Africa. Corna Proof for the first time in my career.

First 100 Days of Managing Director Erasmus MC

Kjeld Aij was appointed Managing Director of Erasmus MC and requested to start earlier than planned, due to Covid-19. We worked intensively with the help of Zoom. Main objective: keep focus on priorities and develop a vision with foundation in the organization. Kjeld's vision was supported unanimously by the board. He shared his vision through presentations and a booklet.  

Interim Director KLM Health Services

The Division Airport Medical Services needed some attention and a plan for the future. Quite a challenge in an organization where management positions have been occupied for over ten years. My focus was possible succession, as it appeared not to be there. What was there needed to be cherished: heart for the business, mutual support and client focus. 

Barcelona Off-Site with Management of JLL

JLL need to revamp their Vision and decide on priorities. We worked on that in Barcelona. First Brainstorm, later prioritize. An additional benefit of this event is the informal meeting of business leaders that hardly have time to meet each other. 

First 100 Days Function Lead Deloitte Accounting Netherlands

Bert Albers was appointed Function Lead. He wanted his vision to be supported by a great management team and the company as a whole. I was invited to guide him. I organized off-sites for the Management team, the Management Group and sessions with all levels in the organization. A shared Vision was presented live to all employees. Three years later it was confirmed that all objectives were met. 

Realignment Management Team COT an Aon company 

Dora Horjus wanted a one day session with her Management Team. To create the best effect time and attention were put into the preparation of all participants involved. 

Culture Change Program ING Netherlands

Two departments had to be merged. Two different cultures. Two leaders with different styles. First project where situation at beginning and after completion were measures. Results were positive.

Rabobank award for best Business Plan 2010

As a guest lecturer at the University of Technology in Eindhoven I was asked to participate as a coach for students in the Technology Entrepreneurship Program. One of my teams won the Rabobank award for the best Business Plan. 

Co-founder and today a moderator at the European Leadership Platform

During a leadership program I met Twan van de kerkhof, then Editor in Chief of Management Scope. We both came back from the boat trip and went out own ways. When I came back from my adventure in Australia of some 7 moths, we started a conversation about Twan's future. I had the honor of being his Sparring Partner, became shareholder and Twan trained me as a moderator of leadership dialogues. Today this is an impressive company with: 

  •  - 350+ Members
  •  - 33% female, 67% male
  •  - From 26 to 75 years old
  •  - 142 organizations
  •  - 16 nationalities

My own company.

Easy does is. Coming from a corporate environment to start up one's own company was a challenge for me. Nobody to delegate to ;-) Now some twenty years later I don't have any regrets. I love the work I do, the people I meet, the smiles I bring back to faces, sparkle in the eyes, passion, energy and drive. Helping people make dreams work. The company has grown, today my focus is helping executives position themselves during their first 100 days.

Selling business line of the company I was running for six times the price the whole company was bought for. 2000

I was asked to become CEO of a company which had just been bought. It had four Divisions. Synergy was not optimal, it rather disputed processes. One division either had to significantly grow or disappear. We managed to sell it for six times the price the whole company was bought for. We did find some bodies in the cellar: unpaid invoices. I was happy that it was sold.

Turnaround of loss making company (absenteeism from 16% back to 6%) 2001

I was asked to become CEO of a company which had just been bought. It had four Divisions. Synergy was not optimal, it rather disputed processes. You have read above what we did with it. Focus during my First 100 Days was to develop teams. Firstly going from a management group to a management team. Secondly doing the 20/80 to discover the main disruptions. We started making Operational Profits in each Division again.

Saving business line of energy saving lamps 1998

Simple story. Chines companies were introducing Energy Saving lamps in our key market at prices below of Manufacturing Cost. This had to be turned around. That was only possible by involving all stakeholders and getting some your pioneers on board. Getting the voice of our clients heard, all the was to R&D and the Board. We managed in half the time of normal R&D to launch a competitive lamp. Compliments to all involved.

Manufacturing management award 1996

After seven years in commercial roles, I was asked to broaden my horizon. The next step within Philips was that along the lines of production. Broadening my scope preparing myself for higher general management. It looked like the beginning of the seven bad years, but in the end it turned out well. We were awarded with the manufacturing management award. Three years heavy learning with great result.

Doubling sales and trebling profit in my three years as regional manager Asia-Pacific 1990-1993

It was a great honor to be asked to become regional manager Asia Pacific. I represented four Product Divisions and was held accountable for the development of sales and profits. After an intensive first 100 days, traveling all 12 countries, meeting with my counterparts and all stakeholders Bothe in the countries as in our headquarters the plan become clear. Today it sounds simple. It probably was, because it worked. Critical: getting all the colleagues is Asia Pacific to work together and learn from each other.

50 Successful new product introductions in 1989

After my 3 years climbing through sales, I became product manager for Studio Theater and Disco Lighting. Many dedicated product developments, from compact, high intensity halogen bulbs for microscopes to hefty High Intensity Discharge lamps for Disco Lighting in Night Clubs and during outdoor concerts. It was a great honor working together with the late Mario Desisti and Coemar Lighting.  

Salesman of the year 1988

Simpel: my predecessor said: if six of your clients qualify for the annual sales conference you are allowed to accompany them. This year it would go to Singapore and Bali. "I'll go for that". My predecessor said: "You'll never managed, the best I have ever done is two qualifiers". I knew I had to do well. I selected the 12 best contractors in my region and supported them to my best ability. Six qualified and I was salesman of the year. By the way: both getting there and being there was fun.


I started to work for Philips Lighting. The choice I had was work for Philips and be given the opportunity to work abroad, or work for a top tear management consultancy in The Netherlands and earn more, but with less adventure. It started with learning all about the products, the technology and the company. Then in London I started on the help desk, solving clients' issues, followed by the orderdesk (headache!) and became sales engineer. The last part of my three years was running a small department and deciding to shut it down and make it more efficient. More efficient for our clients and all others involved.


Interview with George

The core of your First 100 Days is deciding on your direction, your vision.

You got the job, now you have to make it work! How? When you were applying, or thinking about starting this business, did you ask yourself the question why you wanted it?

Did you know where you wanted to take the company? Did you have a vision of the future, for the company, for you and your beloved ones?

Let's do this together! Get in touch with me.

Let George coach you.