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Of to a good start

Your best first 100 days

“First 100 Days” program

The nice thing about a new executive appointment is that you start fresh with a clean sheet. What do you want to achieve? What is your ambition? What would you like to achieve? This program has the ambition to help you position yourself in your new role.

My ambition with this “First 100 Days” program is to help you structure your approach and prepare you and your team for a solid start in your new position. This program is tailormade to meet the individual’s needs. 

George is a real professional with a personable and disarming attitude. 

I left our sessions with a clear sense of direction.

"Visie is richting bepalen"

Interview in Dutch

In this interview, I share my way of working. I have been an executive for 12 years in 4 different assignments, both commercial and industrial. My lessons and experiences have varied.

My ambition is to make people do what they love because that gives the best results and happy lives. To achieve this, I start at the top.

A well thought out strategy for your first 100 days

First 100 days as top executive

As a top executive your first 100 days in a new assignment are essential for you and your team's succes. I have been through this process six times myself. I have made my mistakes, learned my lessons and followed training programs. I shall be there to guide you, to get you focussed on the essentials of your first 100 days. In this way you create the foundation of your next success.


Participants are senior Executives & Entrepreneurs. They enter a new challenge, where the first impressions are ample and impressive. They deal with complex matters. In their daily routine, executives are expected to respond to all issues in line with the Corporate Vision. They are expected to be proactive. 

How do you deal with getting acquainted and keeping the business running at the same time? 

The “First 100 Days” program is a program to facilitate you during your new challenge. 

"I Highly recommend George’s first-100-days program, get in touch with him now ... "

About the first 100 days..

The program has three blocks 

  • The first block: getting to know your people and the organisation as a whole.
  • The second block: understanding processes; selecting and building your team.
  • The third block: together with your team, develop a strategy and prepare yourself to present.

It requires a click, to work.

As a Sparring Partner, I help you with the running of your business and your life. Come for a walk, talk and get to know each other. As it is an intensive and personal process, a mutual commitment is essential. 

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