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Of to a good start

Your best first 100 days

“First 100 Days” program

The nice thing about a new executive appointment is that you start fresh with a clean sheet. What do you want to achieve? What is your ambition? What would you like to learn? This program has the ambition to help you position yourself in your new role.

My ambition with this “First 100 Days” program is to help you structure your approach and be your Sparring Partner in these hectic times. This training is tailor made to meet the individual’s needs. - George Begemann

George is a real professional with a personable and disarming attitude. 

I left our sessions with a clear sense of direction.

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A well thought out strategy for your first 100 days

First 100 days as top executive

As a top executive your first 100 days in a new assignment are essential for you and your team's succes. I have been through this process six times myself. I have made my mistakes, learned my lessons and followed training programs. I shall be there to guide you, to get you focussed on the essentials of your first 100 days. In this way you create the foundation of your next success.


Participants are senior Executives & Entrepreneurs. They enter a new challenge, where the first impressions are ample and impressive. They deal with complex matters. In their daily routine they are expected to respond to all issues in line with the Corporate Vision. They are expected to be pro-active. How do you deal with getting acquainted and keeping the business running at the same time. The “First 100 Days” program is an individual coaching program to facilitate you during this challenge.. 

"I Highly recommend George’s first-100-days program, get in touch with him now ... "

About the first 100 days..

The program for this training is built along the lines of the U-curve, as researched and published by Joseph Jaworski, Peter Senge and Otto Sharmer. The training consists of three blocks:

  • The first block focuses on reflection.
  • The second block brings the trainee in a state of mind to boost inspiration.
  • The last block drives the participant’s action after extensive prioritisation. Action and implementation are monitored on a regular basis.

Read more about the content of these three blocks in the next section.

It requires a click, to work.

As a Sparring Partner I help you with the running of your business and your life. If you are seriously interested and want to know more, come for a walk, talk and get to know each other. As it is an intensive and personal process, a mutual commitment is essential. The acceptance exists of three stages:

  1. Sharing your details and challenges
  2. Going for a walk and get acquainted
  3. Test

If the test outcome is positive, we start with an intake to get your goals clear, design the program and agree on the price for the total program. The program is tailor made.
These initial three steps are invoiced to you. If there is a match, the amount is discounted from the price of the program. If there is no match, the amount is refunded. Investment:€500

"Let's start with an intake, George"

Block 1: Reflection

  1. 1. Intake.

  2. 2. E-Learning in preparation of the Best Year Yet program.

  3. 3. Three walks through life.

  4. 4. Belbin 360 degree assessment.

  5. 5. Evaluation.


During this first intake session we design the program in detail and develop your personal objectives for block 1. Investment:€995,-


E-Learning in preparation of your First 100 Days. It is tailored specifically for this purpose. The e-Learning exists of 6 weekly modules, which you receive on Friday afternoon. Investment:€995,-


Three walks through life is an option to increase your awareness. How did I get where I am now? What in my life has contributed to this success? What failures and what successes have helped me to get to where I am now. Investment:€2.750,-


The Belbin 360 degree Team Role Inventory assesses how an individual behaves in a team environment. The assessment includes 360-degree feedback from observers, selected by you, as well as your own evaluation of your behaviour. Investment:€750,-


Evaluation of the progress made during block 1, compared with the objectives set out during the intake session.Investment:€475,-

Block 2: Inspiration

  1. 1. Intake.

  2. 2. Your First 100 Days Program online.

  3. 3. Executive Coaching.

  4. 4. Preparation for your presentation on day 100.

  5. 5. Evaluation.


During the intake session we develop your personal objectives for block 2. Investment:€995,-


After a thorough preparation your First 100 Days online program leads to clear priorities, goals, and insights. It helps you define your approach during your first 100 days and position yourself successfully in your new challenge. You are guided through four phases:

  1. A. Up to day 30
  2. B. Up to day 60
  3. C. Up to day 90
  4. D. Up to day 100



You work with a personal coach, a sounding board and sparring partner, during your first 100 days. You have 100 days access to your coach. The objective: to position yourself in your new executive role, going for success, together with your team.

  1. A. Investment (meet once a week): € 4.750,- per month or part of it
  2. B. Strongly recommended – Investment (meet 3 times a week): € 2.250,- per week


You can only make a first impression once. You presentation on day 100 to your (non-) executive board has to be compact, concise and clear. This both in content and way of presenting yourself. An external expert is invited to train you in front of the camera. Investment:€2.500,-


Evaluation after 30 days and 60 days of the progress made during block 2, compared with the objectives set out during the intake session.Investment:€250,-

Block 3: Action and implementation

  1. 1. Intake.

  2. 2. Implementation support.

  3. 3. Mastermind.

  4. 4. Evaluation.


During the intake session we develop your personal objectives for block 3. 
We establish a plan for the remainder of 2021.Investment:€250,-


Implementation support is a collection of tools to increase the value of your first 100 days program.

  1. A. Management Team break-out session. This is the way to discover how your team members operate and how they support your vision. Several days off-site with a structured program taking you and your team from dreaming to action with clear priorities. Getting your vision carried by your team.
  2. B. World Café is a structured brainstorming session, to help you get input during the development of your vision. It helps you getting early acceptance and support for the direction you choose to go.

Investment: Request


A Mastermind is a group of likeminded people. They come together regularly for moderated dialogue sessions. The objective is to share in a confidential environment your challenges. Participants ask you questions and help you find your solutions. You also learn by helping other participants find their solutions. Investment:€500,-


Evaluation of the progress made during your First 100 Days, compared with the objectives set out during the intake session. Investment:€250,-

Price for Designing Your Future starts at:

From €7.465,-


Typical Timing

  1. Block 1 -> week 1-6
  2. Block 2 -> week 20
  3. Block 3 -> week 20-52

Time investment by trainee

  1. Block 1 -> 58 hours    in Budget program -> 32 hours
  2. Block 2 -> 218 hours  in Budget program -> 90 hours
  3. Block 3 -> 122 hours  in Budget program -> 94 hours

Please note

  1. Package deals are negotiable
  2. Prices are excluding 21% VAT, where applicable.
  3. Prices are also excluding travel expenses and external costs.
  4. Additional work executed on request only, at a standard rate of €1.250 per half day, or part of it.


We like to inform you that this programme has a sequel. We recommend you to participate in a Mastermind Group of Top Executives. The participation is on invitation basis. Please let us know if you would like to be on the list

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