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First 100 Days introduction

Your first 100 days start before you get the job. They even start during your selection process, you interview. With the right focus you gather as much information about the position you are applying for. But more than that it is imperative that you insist during your negotiations that you get 100 days to position yourself in your new role. Even if you have been with the same company for many years. It’s a challenge every time again.

I prefer 100 days, although I base my program on Michael Watkins book “First 90 Days”. Our final 10 days are to prepare you for your presentation to the board. Preferably it results in a booklet to share with all your employees. 

In the beginning, please do not take action. Just listen and ask questions. Keep a Journal. Meet as many people as you can. Some people call it learning. Once you know people and people know you, the pressure increases. People come to you with questions, issues, challenges and whatnot. You can start contributing. The challenge: ask questions, help people find their own answers and encourage them to go back and solve their issue themselves. Invite them to share the outcome with you. Keep notes, maybe in a special area of your Journal, a tab, so you can always find back who had what challenge. It help staying sane in the hectic times to come. One of your more important challenges is to find out who are going to be your team members. After some 60 days you should have your vision clarified. You can start taking initiatives. Initiatives like getting your vision challenged, amended, fortified and carried by your team. Discover the purpose of your position. Once you know your why, ask your team how are we going to achieve this. Slowly but gradually, together, develop your strategy. Once you have it, you can prioritize and select the happy few initiatives for the first year, and from there for the quarter to come. Also: focus and go for one quick win. 

1 - 30: Learn
31 - 60: Consolidate
61 - 90: initiate
90 - 100: Prepare to Present

In my program, we shall go into more detail. Read more about it in the tab ...

Make dreams work.

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George Begemann

Executive Sparring Partner