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Design Your Future

Make this the first day of the rest of your life.

Are you happy? 

Why are you doing what you do? What inspires you? 

What next?

Once every so many years you arrive on a crossroad in your life. What should be your next step? Do I want to stay in my current job? Do I want to try another discipline, go work for another company or start my own? How do I want to maintain and improve my health? What about my relationships with beloved ones and friends? Why is this important to me?

Design your future. 

This program has the ambition to help you find out how to get the most out of your life. Discover your dreams, translate them into a vision, set priorities and clear goals for the years to come. Create a Better Balance in Life.


As one year passed after Designing my Future, everything that happened there inspired me to follow my dreams.

Why anyone else should do this too?

In life, you come to Earth to learn and grow. Learn by doing. Make mistakes and learn. Learn to deal flexibly with everyone and remain yourself. Here to pursue your dreams. How ofter do you ask yourself the question: "What next?". Find the answers you need. Join me and
 "Design you future"

Beautiful insights! Thanks George.

Paul van Wijk, ING Bank

About the Program..

The program for this training is built along two lines. 

The long term line is the U-curve, as researched and published by Joseph Jaworski, Peter Senge and Otto Sharmer. 

The short term cycles are aligned along the I, We, Them circles as developed by George Begemann.

The training consists of three blocks:

  • Learn from your past
  • Appreciate the gifts of the present
  • Dream about your future

The last block is designing your future with the help of tools and prioritisation. Action and implementation can be monitored on a regular basis. Read more about the content of these three blocks in the next section.

The outcome: Better Balance in Life



Participants are senior Executives or Entrepreneurs. They deal with complex matters. In their daily routine they are expected to respond to all issues in line with the Corporate Vision. They are expected to be pro-active.

It requires a click, to work.

As a Sparring Partner, I help you with the running of your business and your life. If you are seriously interested and want to know more, come for a walk, talk, and get to know each other. As 'Design Your Future' is an intensive and personal process, a mutual commitment is essential. The acceptance exists in three stages:

  1. Sharing your details and challenges
  2. Going for a walk and get acquainted
  3. Team selection

If the test outcome is positive, we start with an intake to get your goals clear.
These initial three steps are invoiced to you. If there is a match, the amount is discounted from your final invoice. 

Investment: see below

The common thread between the #DYF programs is the same. The difference is in intensity and depth.

From €450

  • Includes
  • Workbook 'Design Your Future'
  • Online assignments

  • Options
  • On-line coaching
  • Mastermind online

- individual participation

one day workshop
From €850

  • Includes
  • "Design Your Future-Intro' one day workshop
  • Location selected and paid by you.

  • Options
  • Preparatory e-learning
  • Workbook 'Design Your Future'
  • Online Coaching
  • Come-back session
  • Mastermind

- 20 to 40 participants

Individual pricing on request

3 day workshop
From €1.750 

  • Includes
  • 'Design Your Future-Compact' three-day workshop 
  • Preparatory e-learning
  • Access to the website               
  • Options
  • Belbin 360 degree personal assessment
  • Walk-through-life
  • Individual online coaching
  • Come-back session
  • Mastermind

- 6 to 20 participants

Individual pricing on request

one week
From €4.500

  • Includes
  • The complete 'Design Your Future' program.
  • Intake session
  • Preparation
  • Location in Nature
  • Come-back session
  • 1 Mastermind session
  • Belbin 360 degree personal assessment

  • Options
  • #DYF in the snow 
  • Individual Coaching

  • - 4, 6, or 16   participants  

  • Individual pricing on request


"Let's start with an intake, George"

Block 1: Reflection

  1. 1. Intake.

  2. 2. E-Learning in preparation of the Design Your Future program.

  3. 3. The Belbin 360 degree Team Role test.

  4. 4. Evaluation.


During the intake session we develop your personal objectives for block 1. Investment:€995,-


E-Learning in preparation of the Design Your Future program. The e-Learning exists of 6 weekly modules, which you receive on Friday afternoon. Investment:€995,-


The Belbin 360 degree Team Role Inventory assesses how an individual behaves in a team environment. The assessment includes 360-degree feedback from observers, selected by you, as well as your own evaluation of your behaviour. Investment:€995,-



Reflection of your walk of life. Three sessions to let you reflect on how you got where you are. Taking inventory of your Strengths & Weaknesses and events that played an important role in your life. Investment:€3.000,-

Evaluation of the progress made during block 1, and setting your personal objectives for block 2. Investment:€950,-

Block 2: Inspiration

  1. 1. Designing Your Future program.

  2. 2. Executive Coaching.

  3. 3. Reporting and Evaluation Dinner.



Designing Your Future helps you make dreams work. 
After a thorough preparation the Design Your Future Program leads to a clear vision of your future. This is done during time in nature with the help of dialogues, enquiries and assignments. Investment 5 Days in nature:€10.000,-.  Option-Online version:€4.500,-


After Designing Your Future you arrive home with three assignments. You have 6 weeks to complete these. The objective: to get you going. To make this easier three sparring sessions are included in the program. Investment:€3.000,-


It is so easy to be sucked into the ratrace. The three assignments help you staying focussed. The evaluation is an external commitment to support you in completing your assignments. Reporting & Evaluation Dinner 6 weeks after return. Investment: €950,-

Block 3: Action and implementation

  1. 1. Intake.

  2. 2. Three Coaching walks.

  3. 3. Implementation support.

  4. 4. 3 workshops on personal leadership topics

  5. 5. Final Evaluation Dinner.


Intake. During the intake session we develop your personal objectives for block 3. 
We establish a plan for the first year of your future. Investment:€995,-


Three Coaching walks. It is so easy to get sucked into the ratrace. It leads to you loosing focus on the vision you developed. In the three Quarters following the Design Your Future program you get full support. Investment:€3.000,-


Implementing with extended support is also possible. Please look at the Sparring Partner Program.


Three online workshops are organised in the first year for alumni of Designing Your Future. The workshops provide fresh inspiration and moderated dialogues with peers, who have followed the same training. Investment:€2.500,-


Final Evaluation of the progress made during block 3, compared with the objectives set out during the intake session. Investment:€950,-

Total value of Designing Your Future:


I like to thank you for a great experience. You asked 101 times why, what pushed me to a higher level.

Bart Raeymaekers, Action


Typical Timing

  1. Block 1 -> week: 1 - 6
  2. Block 2 -> week: 7
  3. Block 3 -> week: 8 - 52

Time investment by trainee

  1. Block 1 -> 40 hours
  2. Block 2 -> 110 hours
  3. Block 3 -> 122 hours

Please note

  1. Prices are excluding 21% VAT, where applicable.
  2. Prices are also excluding client’s travel expenses and external costs.
  3. Additional work executed on request only, at a standard rate of €275/hr.


Let's assume that after one year you have achieved the objectives set out during the Design Your Future program. What are you going to do next to keep that flow, that drive to realize your vision? We run several Masterminds. Participating in a Mastermind Group of Top Executives & Entrepreneurs is on invitation basis. If your are interested, please let me know.

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What next?

In this book, we will reveal what goes on in the minds of leaders. It is important to get to know how leaders think because they have a great impact on our organizations. Those organizations, in turn, leave their mark on society and thus on our lives. So, understanding what is going on inside leaders' minds helps us make sense of the world we live in.
Twelve authors have contributed an essay for this book to build on the legacy of the great minds that have previously considered and written about this subject. They draw from their personal experiences as tried and tested executives, non-executives, consultants, and/or coaches to share their insights into the minds of leaders. I invite you to dive in and explore Inside the Leader's Mind. Enjoy!


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