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What are your potential pitfalls? If you are reading this you must have a desire to change something about your life.

  • You get tired easily
  • You don't exercise
  • Your relationship is not going well
  • You don't see your friends often enough
  • Your results, your profits are declining
  • Just no more inspiration

What were we doing again? This way I step into 7 pitfalls at the same time!

Can I help you with a first step by recommending you to start Journaling? It is something you can start yourself, without having to talk to a coach or a psychologist. You just start by yoursel, by writing, cutting and pasting pictures, clippings and reading back regularly. That puts life into perspective for a great deal. It will help you avoid the typical pitfalls.

Journaling became important to me when I was in my thirties and my responsibilities grew. Remembering things shared by ten people I managed, but remembering details of a club of 100 people becomes more difficult. Working on a project works fine. Working on six projects at the same time becomes more difficult. Picking something up and finishing it in two days is fine. If weeks come between the different steps, it becomes important for me to find notes easily and well organized. After a holiday I was able to come back to the office with an empty desk and get to work enthusiastically. After a few weeks I found out that I had forgotten a few things, could not find them, or forgotten some people's clever remarks. Then I had to start all over again. A waste of my time. The turnaround for me came after a workshop by Tony Robbins, who made it clear what the benefit of Journaling is. It finally made sense. My pitfalls were optimism, no fixed place for everything and thinking that working fast is more important than diligent.

If you handle Journaling correctly, you have a solid Journal. A Journal is a notebook in which you write down what keeps you busy. In a Journal you register your lessons, observations, insights and much more. It also helps you get the most out of life for yourself.

Journaling can help you in even more ways. I'll explain that to you in the coming weeks.

Your Journal reads better and helps you put things into perspective and avoid pitfalls.


To get you on the right path, I ask you to answer the following questions in the field below.

How long have you kept a journal or diary? Why, why not? What do you want to know about the phenomenon “Journaling”?

Read more in Part 2.

Make dreams work! A journal can come in handy. Lately I have been using my page on Facebook to share experiences, videos and photos of training sessions.
If you want to get started right away, come to an introduction evening. Look here for dates.

Make dreams work.

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George Begemann

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