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Once you’re at the top, who do you have to help you with your challenges? Do you have a sparring partner? Someone who understands your challenges, does not judge you and who asks the right questions. Someone without a vested interest, impartial. Let’s meet up and see what I can do for you. Discover the path to your next success and see what role I can play in your quest.


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How I help you?

What I do for you is probably not easy, but I make things simple.

Some complex matters need time to be understood. Listening, questioning, feeling, rationalizing, analyzing, and taking out the unnecessary noise. Letting it boil down to the core essence.

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A Few Words About Me

My name is George Begemann and I’m a top executive coach.

Once I had a dream: I wanted to become a doctor. I went through a lottery system three times. A dean I consulted recommended me to change my focus and go for Industrial Engineering & Management Sciences: “than you shall be working with people as well”. I followed that advice. I completed my Masters of Engineering Cum Laude. Ever since my life has been a sequence of exiting challenges, about which later more. Married twice, and three children. Up to the present day I still make dreams work.

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Inside the leaders mind

In this book, we will reveal what goes on in the minds of leaders. It is important to get to know how leaders think because they have a great impact on our organizations. Those organizations, in turn, leave their mark on society and thus on our lives. So, understanding what is going on inside leader's minds helps us tot make sense of the world in which we live.
Twelve authors have contributed an essay for this book to build on the legacy of the great minds that have previously considered and written about this subject. They draw from their personal experiences as tried and tested executives, non-executives, consultants and/or coaches to share their insights into the minds of leaders. I invite you to dive in and explore Inside the Leader's Mind. Enjoy!


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